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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free?

Yes! We use advertising to support the site. In 2024 we'll be introducing a monthly subscription that enables additional features, including non-expiring rooms and room lockdown/admin controls. Playing and creating will remain free.

How do I start/win the game?

Unlike most computer card games, simply provides a synchronized playspace. It's up to you to start the game, enforce rules, and determine the winner, just like a real deck of cards. View our Quickstart guide for details. Drag the cards around and have fun!

Are rooms saved?

Rooms are saved as you play the game, come back later to pick up where you left off. Rooms are automatically removed after 2 weeks of inactivity, create an account to extend it to 30 days of inactivity.

Can I save a room longer than 30 days?

You can backup games using our Import/Export feature. Export your game to a file and keep the file in a safe place for later. When you want to play again import the file to a fresh room. Importing / Exporting Games

Is there a limit on how many players can be in a room?

There is currently no limit to how many players can be in a room, but we recommend limiting to 8 players to avoid chaos. Note: we will likely enforce a limit in the future.

Can I duplicate / share my customized room?

You can copy your room by switching to Edit Mode, click the Room Options tab, then select copy. It's also possible to use the import/export feature to export a room to a file, then import it to make a copy. Importing / Exporting Games

What is PCIO?

PCIO is an abbreviation of

It's also the file extension used when for game rooms that have been exported to a file.

How do I deal cards?

You can deal the cards manually or by using an Automation Button. Please read Automatic Dealing for more information.

How are the cards shuffled?

Cards are shuffled using a Fisher-Yates shuffle.

Confused? Drop us a message at We appreciate all feedback.