Frequently Asked Questions

Are rooms saved?

Rooms are saved as you play the game, come back later to pick up where you left off. Rooms are automatically removed after 2 weeks of inactivity, create an account to extend it to 30 days of inactivity.

Is there a limit on how many players can be in a room?

There is currently no limit to how many players can be in a room, but we recommend limiting to 8 players to avoid chaos. Note: we will likely enforce a limit in the future.

Can I duplicate / share my customized room?

There's no automatic way to duplicate a room, but it's possible to use the import/export feature to export a room to a file, then import it to another room to make a copy. Importing / Exporting Games

How do I deal cards?

We now have a way to automatically deal out cards, the Automation Button. Please read Automatic Dealing for more information.

Can I use a custom room name / room code?

Room codes can only be created by selecting a game on the PlayingCards.io homepage and creating a room.

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