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What is falls under the "virtual tabletop" genre of video games, meaning it provides a shared playing surface where game cards and pieces can be moved around. As pieces are moved, all other players see the changes immediately. Like all virtual tabletops, players are required to manage taking turns and enforcing rules themselves. runs completely in a web browser making it easy to set up. It works great on desktop, tablet, and phone - though the text can become hard to read on small phone screens.

How to start

Players start by choosing a game on the homepage.

After picking and starting a game, they are given a room code.

Then, players give the room code to their friends who enter it on the homepage.

Once all players have joined, they can start moving objects around to play the game.

It's recommended that players are connected via voice chat during the game to keep track of what's happening. doesn't provide voice chat, players should use another site or app to talk.

Playable games

In theory, any card game played with a standard 52 deck of cards could be played, but some games require special movement that isn't currently possible on includes pre-made game templates for some common card games including Euchre, Cribbage, Escoba, and Crazy 8s, as well as other tabletop games like checkers.

Customizing the game

Enterprising players can change the game board to better suit other card games. More information is available in the docs.

Logos and Branding

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