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Automation Buttons are used to do repetitive actions at the press of a button. Deal cards, reset the board, and much more.

Adding Automations

To add an automation button, first switch to Edit Mode, then click Automation Button in the bottom toolbox to add a button to the game.

The Turn Button can also be configured to run an automation when clicked, available in the Automation tab when editing the Turn Button.

Customizing Automations

From Edit Mode you can click an Automation Button and select Edit Button. From the edit popup you can change the automation steps to change the button behavior. When the button is clicked during a game, the automation will go through the steps and run each in order one-by-one.

Near the top of the edit automation menu you'll see a Popup option. Turning this to Show will show a popup when the player clicks the button. This has two uses:

  1. Confirm the player really wants to run the automation to prevent accidental clicks. Great for sensitive buttons like a Reset Game button.

  2. Ask the player questions before the automation runs. You can then use their choices in some of the automations.

    • Number Questions will show a number input in the popup where the player can pick a number. The chosen number can then be used in the automation steps like changing how many cards are dealt or modifying a counter.
    • Choose Objects Questions will show a list of cards/pieces in the popup and allow the player to select some of them. Selected objects can then be manipulated in the automation steps below. More details here: searching a pile of cards



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