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Automation: Flip Objects

Flip cards and pieces face up or face down.


Click the button to enter selection mode, from selection mode click on holders to choose the holders in which cards/pieces are flipped.

Use the button to allow players to choose specific objects from a list with an Automation Question.


Determines how to flip the relevant cards.

Face up will flip all cards to face-up.

Face down will flip all cards to face-down.

Switch will flip each individual card to the opposite side.

Switch (all to same side) will flip the top card to the opposite side, and all other cards to the same side.

Randomize will randomize which face is up. Ideal for games where both sides have values.

How Many To Flip

When set to Top Card Only, only the top cards of specified holders will be flipped, Otherwise the entire pile/piles will be flipped.

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