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Choose-a-card / Searching a Pile

It's common in cards games to have a player choose a card from a deck of cards or from another player. This can be accomplished using Automation Buttons.

To do so:

  1. Add an Automation Button if you haven't already, and click Edit Button to start editing the button.

  2. Near the top, set the Popup option to Show. With this enabled, the player will be shown a popup when pressing the Automation Button.

  3. Within the popup area that appears, click Add Question and choose Add "Choose Objects" Question. This will add an area to the popup where the player can select cards.

  4. Click the Choose Cards button that appeared in the last step to show the Edit Question area. Here you can configure the behavior of this question.

  5. In the Edit Question area, click Select Holders... to switch to Selection Mode. This is how you will choose what cards are shown to the player when they click your Automation Button.

    • To allow the player to search through a deck of cards, choose the holder where the cards to choose from will be.
    • To allow the player to choose a card from another player, choose the Player Seat to pick from. You'll need to add Player Seats to your game if you haven't already.
  6. In the Edit Question area, you can also change how cards are ordered in the popup, set a limit to how many cards can be chosen, and show cards face-down for cases where players "pick a card".

  7. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the Automaton steps and add a Move Objects step. Set the Objects to Move Setting to Choose Cards to use the cards selected by the player, and set the To Holders / Player Seats to where the cards should be moved.

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