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Widget Type: Holders

Holders make it easy to organize objects your game. They also allow Automation Buttons to change objects placed within the holder.

Some holders limit which objects can be placed in them.

Basic holders simply organize objects in a stack, but holders can also spread objects out, organize them in a grid, or allow objects placed inside to be moved freely.

Edit Mode Options

Allowed Cards & Pieces

Limit what objects can be placed in the holder.

Width & Height

These options control the size of the holder.

Note: size is considered before the rotation option below, so a 100 tall holder rotated 90 degrees will appear 100 wide. This can be desirable in some cases since objects placed in the holder will rotate to match the holder rotation.

Holder Layout

Top Label

Text that appears above the holder.

Stack Tab

The Stack Tab is the number that appears when two or more objects are stacked on top of each other.

When Hide Stack Tab is selected this tab will not appear for objects placed in the holder, which hides how large the pile is and removes clutter if the tab won't be used.


The angle of this Holder. Objects placed in the holder will rotate to fit the holder.

Recall & Shuffle Button

Show/hide Recall button. Only visible when a deck/collection is snapped to the holder.

It is recommended to hide the recall button and instead use Automation Buttons for more control.

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