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Custom Decks includes the ability to create or import custom card decks. This is split into two sections: the deck template and the card data.

Deck Template

The face and back of cards are made up of layers. A layer is a bit of text or an image that is shown on the card.

Layers set to "All the same" will be identical on every card. Each layer set to "Different per-card" is customized in the Add/Remove Cards popup.

The 'image' layer is the red joker image behind the text layers and is edited with the 'image' text box. The 'different per card' layer is the 'This is the red joker' text and is edited with the 'different per card' text box.

Each unique card is listed in the Add/Remove Cards popup. Duplicate cards can be added with the + button.

Note: For images, URLs must be directly to an image file. Linking to, for example a dropbox image page, won't work because it's not a direct image URL.

CSV Import

Similar to how layers set to 'different per-card' can be edited in the Add/Remove popup, a CSV file can be imported to quickly fill a deck. The top row of the CSV file must be layer names that correspond to the layers in the Template tab. By default, the 52-card deck field should be image.

Click here to view the Google Spreadsheet used in the video

Note the Prompt and Responses tab at the bottom. You can export to CSV by going to File > Download > Comma Separated, you'll need to do this separately for each tab.

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