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Bid, win tricks and outplay the other team in this strategic game for 4 players! Pinochle is a classic trick-taking game with unique auctions and scoring that set it apart from other trick-taking games. These rules are for the standard 4 player/2 team game.

How to Play



  1. Pinochle uses a unique 48 card deck that consists of 2 sets of 9, 10, J, Q, K, A in each suit. This means there are no 2-8 cards and that there are two copies of 9-A in the deck for each suit.
  2. Players divide themselves into two teams and sit so that they are opposite of their teammate (EXAMPLE: Team 1 - Player 1, Team 2 - Player 2, Team 1 - Player 3, Team 2 - Player 4).
  3. .The deck is shuffled and each player is dealt 12 cards in sets of 3 cards at a time.
  4. If a player has five or more 9's in hand and no melds (explained below), the hand can be thrown back in with all other hands and cards re-dealt.




The first team to 150 or more points wins the game!

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