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Interactions 500 2.0 on

The Interactions 500 2.0 game was designed for 2-5 players to participate simultaneously, making it more dynamic. It can be played in person or remotely on smartphones, tablets, or computers without the need to install any apps.

If the match takes place remotely, we recommend that players use a communication platform (WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meeting, etc.) to interact during the game.

To start the game, click the "Start Game" button. (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Game's Start Screen

Next, share the room code (code) with the rest of the players. (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Screen with the room's code


Figure 3 - Game's screen

Before starting the match, players must establish who will be the first to play and the sequence of the following players.

  1. Players must then define their starting positions at the bottom of the board by manually selecting one of the slots (Figure 1a).

  2. To start the match, Player 1 must click on the "Draw" button (Figure 1b) and on the timer (top of the screen) to measure the match time. A card will be drawn and automatically moved from the deck to the space directly below it (Figure 1c). The player must orally classify the statement on the card as false or true.

  3. Next, the player must click on the "Reply" button (Figure 1d). This action will flip the card over and reveal the correct answer.

  4. If the player answers incorrectly, he must pass the turn to the next player without moving his piece. On the other hand, if he answers correctly, the player has to click on the die with an arrow symbol (Figure 1e), which will draw a direction in which the player has to advance his piece to another position manually.

    Possible situations after the piece moves:

    a. If the piece falls into the river, it must return to its initial position. b. If the piece stops at the entrance of a tunnel, it must be moved to the position corresponding to the tunnel exit. c. If the piece stops on the bridge, it must be moved to the other end of the bridge. d. If the piece needs to be moved off the board to the right (or left), it must re-enter the board on the same line but from the opposite side from where it left. e. If the piece stops in a position where there is a gray bomb with a red circle, it must be moved vertically one position down. f. If the piece stops in a position where there is a purple bomb with spikes, it must be moved to one of the starting positions, but not necessarily the player´s original one (Figure 1a). g. If the piece stops in a position where there is already an opponent, the opponent must vertically move his piece three positions down.

  5. The game follows this dynamic and ends when one of the players manages to reach the barrier of sandbags at the top of the board (Figure 1f), becoming the champion. Stop the timer at this moment.

  6. To restart the match, one of the players must click on the "Restart” button (Figure 1g).

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