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Setting Up the Game

In a Euchre deck, the cards 2-8 are removed, leaving only 9 and above.

Euchre is played between four players, divided into two teams, with partners sitting across from each other.


Euchre is a trick taking game, meaning the goal of the game is to win as many tricks as possible, to be the first team with seven points.

To win a trick, players must play the highest ranking.

Cards are ranked (Ace-8) with Ace being the highest, unless a trump card is played.

A trump is the winning suit, decided anew every round.

If a trump suit is played, the card ranks change. In the trump suit, the highest card is the J, followed by the J of the same color (ex. The trump suit is spades, the highest ranking card is the J of spades, followed by the J of clubs). But trump suits cannot always be played

If a player can play the lead suit of that hand, then they must, only if they no longer hold cards of the lead suit can they then play a trump suit or discard.

*A good way to decide teams is: shuffle the deck, each player draws one card; the two players with the highest cards are on a team.

Playing the Game

Dealing the cards and beginning play

To start the game, five cards are dealt to every player. The deal in Euchre is special. Dealers should deal the cards in two rounds; two cards to each player, followed by three cards. The remaining cards are placed face down in the center, with the top card flipped up.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first. The first player chooses to declare the face-up card as trump or pass. If a player declares the face-up card as trump, then the trump-suit is decided. The player to the left draws the card and replaces it with a discard from their hand. If a player passes, then the play moves clockwise, with each player having the choice to take or pass. If everyone passes, then the play continues clockwise allowing every player to declare any trump suit, or pass.

When a player declares a trump suit, without drawing, they begin play. If again, all players pass, then the round is considered a misdeal; the cards are reshuffled and dealt again.

Solo-Play is an option. This is where the player declaring the trump suit thinks it will be advantageous for their team if they play solo. If a player declares Solo-Play then their partner turns their hand facedown and does not participate in the round_

Winning Tricks and playing hands

The Teams compete to have the highest card of every hand, to win the most tricks.

When a round is complete, teams count their combined tricks.

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