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Escoba, similar to the Italian game Scopa, is a fishing style game played with a stripped spanish playing card deck (naipes) with the 8 and 9 cards removed.

Set up

Each player is dealt 3 cards, and 4 cards are placed face up on the board.


The goal of the game is to create combinations of cards that add up to 15 by combining one card in your hand with a number of cards on the board.

Playing the Game

Players take turns starting with the person to the right of the dealer.

During a turn, if the player is able to create a combination of 15, they put the matched cards into their scoring pile. If they aren't able to make 15, they put a card from their hand onto one of the piles on the board. If the player was able to create 15 by combining all 4 cards on the board with a card in their hand, they have scored an escoba and immediately receive 1 point.

Turns continue until every player has emptied their hand, at which point the dealer deals 3 more cards to each player and players start taking turns again.

Once the deck is empty and all players have emptied their hands, the last player to have taken cards gets the remaining cards on the board, the round is complete and the game is scored.


Players use the cards in their scoring piles and are awarded points for winning each category:

If there is a tie in any category, none of the players are awarded points.

Rounds are repeated until a player reaches 21 points.

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