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What happens From 10 to 25? Take on the role of an adolescent exploring new parts of life, encountering challenges, getting the guidance you need—and telling stories of discovery.

From 10 to 25 is a collaborative storytelling game about the period of life we call adolescence.

During adolescence—from age 10 to 25—we explore the world around us, discover who we are, and find our path to adulthood. To complete this journey, we need diverse experiences, supportive relationships, and accessible resources.

In this game, you'll play the role of a young person making their way through adolescence. You'll be dealt a hand of life experiences to combine with relationships and resources to tell a story about growing up. Then, your fellow players will complete your story by matching it to an important milestone in adolescent development.


The object of the game is for each player to tell a series of 3 stories that add up to a complete picture of their character's adolescent development.

How to Play

Set Up

Start Telling Stories

The game is played in 3 rounds. Each player takes 1 turn per round. During each turn, you will:

IMPORTANT: All 3 cards must have matching icons in the top-left corner to form a set. If you can’t make a match, draw another Experience card from the deck. If you still can’t make a match, pass to the next player.

Take turns repeating these steps until you've completed three full rounds of storytelling.

Ending the Game

The game ends after 3 rounds, regardless of how many discoveries players have made.

At the end of round 3, go around the table and discuss your character's overall narrative. How did their experiences, resources, and relationships shape their adolescent development?

Discussion Questions

As time allows, explore these discussion questions together as a group:

  1. Adolescence is a time of remarkable opportunity and growth. What changes did you see happening within and around the adolescents in your stories?
  2. Experiences that encourage autonomy and healthy risk-taking can lead to positive adolescent development. What combinations of Experiences, Relationships, and Resources did you see best promoted autonomy?
  3. All adolescents need supportive social environments, stimulating learning experiences, and access to resources in our communities to thrive. How did the Relationship and Resource cards affect the Experience cards you used in your stories?
  4. Unfortunately, structural barriers—such as poverty, discrimination, and marginalization—mean that some young people have fewer opportunities than others. How do you think the stories you told would have been different if there were fewer relationships and resources on the table?
  5. The experiences, relationships, and resources that adolescents encounter can affect the rest of their lives. How good of a job are we doing supporting adolescents in our community? What could we do to expand access to supportive relationships and resources for adolescents?


From 10 to 25 is a project of the FrameWorks Institute in partnership with the Center for the Developing Adolescent. The game was created and produced by Root + All. Learn more at

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