Frequently Asked Questions

Are rooms saved?

Rooms are saved as you play the game. Come back later to pick up where you left off. Rooms are automatically removed after 2 weeks of not being used.

Is there a limit on how many players can be in a room?

There is currently no limit to how many players can be in a room, but we recommend limiting to 8 players to avoid chaos. Note: we will likely add a limit in the future.

Can I duplicate / share my customized room?

There's no automatic way to duplicate a room, but it's possible to use the import/export feature to export a room to a file, then import it to another room to make a copy. Importing / Exporting Games

How do I deal cards?

The only way to deal cards at the moment is to have each player take their own cards or manually make card piles on the board and have each player grab a pile. In the future we plan to have a way to do automatic card dealing.

Can I use a custom room name / room code?

Room codes can currently only be created by selecting a game on the PlayingCards.io homepage and creating a room.

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